The BeeTwinners

This is a STEAM project where students will learn about Bees and Pollination through STEM and STEAM activities. Over the past few years, scientific studies have suggested that both honey bee and native bee populations are in trouble. What we don't know is how this is affecting pollination of our gardens, crops and wild lands. Our students will communicate with codes and riddles and program their Beebots to robotic paths and dances related to the life of bees. They will become scientists, gather information about our urban, suburban and rural bee populations and learn about what is happening with the pollinators in our yard. They will engage to STEM activities by building bee hives, making bees that fly with craft materials, cook honey products and " see" what bees see. They will act as volunteers, take care of plants that improve pollination and help to the Citizens Science project by observing pollinators.

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