QUOTES - Danish student teachers


    • The Use of Technology in Education – a TTI-project

    The project was carried out in March and April 2020. Mr Frederik Kynde Schøtz, Ms JorunnValbø, Ms Stephanie Steenholt and Mr Tobias Christensen are student teachers at UC Syd. Please find their comments to the TTI-project.


    • eTwinning has given me the opportunity to create a European network in which I can exchange ideas with colleagues worldwide. This is definitely something I will use when I become a teacher i.e. if I am in doubt about something in my English lessons and if I plan a theme, Frederik Kynde Schøtz tells.


    • I became more engaged and motivated because I had to meet and cooperate with new people and communicate in English, Jorunn Valbø says


    • This project has given me a professional relation to people abroad. It has shown me new perspectives of themes and different teaching approaches in Norway or in Italy to involve digital tools. Tobias Christensen.


    • Jorunn Valbø tells: I tried to focus on everything we have learned about meta-pragmatic awareness and not being afraid of “negotiating for meaning” when there was something, we did not understand instead of just pretending to understand and carry on to the next task. Anyway, I learned that if it was difficult for me then it would also be difficult for my pupils. Though we learn many theories about best teaching practise in primary and secondary schools then it is interesting to learn how this also affects us - student teachers.


    • I think, that eTwinning is one of the means you can use to develop as a student teacher. I became more enthusiastic and engaged as I believe in communication with “real” people from another country. This does something to our and the students’ motivation. Jorunn Valbø


    • Personally, I think, that eTwinning can open doors to further reflexion for student teachers as regards culture theory and thus increase the competences within intercultural education as you compare and understand differently cross the world’s borders. Instead of just reading a theory about different cultural events you experience it for yourself – a unique possibility for developing your own competences. Tobias Christensen


    • eTwinning can add to developing student teachers’ intercultural competences while studying which makes good sense – especially if they want to teach foreign languages. Stephanie Steenholt


    • Frederik Kynde Schøtz thinks, that eTwinning can help student teachers with developing oral, written and intercultural competences; when we are having an oral communication with a group and there might be discussions, debates, or just small talk, written competences where we solve tasks via eTwinning or if we write international colleagues. The intercultural competences will be supported/developed because we learn about other cultures and everyday life of the international student teachers and also how their cultures differ from ours.


    • Professionally, I now have a better insight to, how you can use eTwinning in teaching than before we started the project. Jorunn Valbø


    • I consider, that I can use eTwinning in different ways – both small and big projects. You can for example make a presentation about yourself and your family and “perform” if for a small group from another school. Or you can examine another culture through interviews, exchange of teaching materials etc. Or you can create some cross-border projects with another group; e.g. investigating some transnational themes like discrimination, gender roles, sustainability etc. The last two themes could also be the base for cross-curricular cases. Jorunn Valbø


    • I consider eTwinning a possibility for quickly being able to share your work on a platform which also makes it possible for pupils to be introduced to different learning styles, differentiation and understanding. In my own practice I would like to try ideas, which include poems, songs and storytelling, just to mention a few examples. To include eTwinning can provide a really good structure in developing these cases, a value which is important to a lot of them. Tobias Christensen


    • eTwinning gives pupils the opportunity for genuine communication. I think, an eTwinning project will definitely make the pupils realise how the world is connected and also give my future pupils a more open mind to other cultures and foreign students. eTwinning can motivate the pupils to learn because they will be working with tasks in a different way. Frederik Kynde Schøtz


    • I will be teaching English as a foreign language and use eTwinning because it makes sense that the pupils have to communicate. And then is will be fun for the pupils to make friends in other countries. Stephanie Steenholt