FOOD for thought

The project will consist of six activities: 1. Mind map - students create a mind map by using a digital tool (, popplet). They sort out the words related to food and drinks into different categories. 2. Writing a recipe - students write a short recipe (50-60 words). They use vocabulary related to food preparation ad cooking tools. 3. Street food around the world - students do a research about street food in Croatia, the UK and in the USA and make a short presentation about it. 4. Survey - Healthy Eating Habits - teacher conducts a survey to find out more about the eating habits of the Ss and their physical activity. T discusses the results with the students. 5. The Eatwell Guide - students work in groups, they make a poster (collage techniques and online tool - canva) and film a short video 6. A song about food - students make a song about food.

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