The town is the place where we spend our life, it is the environment made according to human desire. It depends on the natural environment in which it is located and bears the traces of the past, being lived in the present and prepared for the future. People put their mark in it, transforming it according to their technical skills so as to respond to their needs and values. Getting to know the town is a key for children to understand and be involved in their living environment, a way to find out what gives it quality and how they can improve it now and later, being a means of stimulating the civic sense. The project „The Fairy – Tale Town” is a way to enrich their visual culture, to learn a new vocabulary, to exercise and to encourage their creativity, curiosity personal initiative critical sense, communications skills and community spirit. Children’s knowledge of the town and it’s problems lay the foundation for a social responsability and an urban culture, leads to a positive attit

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