The New Year's Super Countries Calendar Competition

  • A new year's calendar


    1. We will make a New Year’s calendar with 31 windows. (You can start working on this assignment as of 23rd November (after the secret agent competition).
    2.  Every school before the Christmas break fills five windows with information about their country (eg famous people, landmarks, cities, art, food, monarchy/republic with royal family members or president’s family etc.).

    3. The children think of 5 questions about their own five windows. These questions will be integrated into a Plickers quiz, which we can play at the end of January.
    4. In January, pupils will open a window each day and watch a video or clue/info created by the other countries. They need the information for the International Secret Countries Competition on Plickers.
    5. We will play the quiz in the first week of February, but should decide who does it when for you can not be in the plickers quiz at the same time. For example:


    1st week of February

    Monday:           the Netherlands

    Tuesday:          Spain
    Wednesday:     France
    Thursday:         Denmark
    Friday:              Wales               



      Create content for five windows per country.
    Send to Phil to put in Wixx
    Create five questions for Plickers about your own windows
    Send to Yvonne to put in Plickers
    23 Nov-19 Dec
      Watch a window with info about the countries each day 4-24 January 21
      Play the Plickers quiz of the New Year's Super Countries Calendar Competition in class 1st week of February
      Publish the winning school of our competition 2nd week of February