The Secret Agent Competition

  • Let's kick the project off!

    The kick off of our Top Secret Erasmus+ project is a Secret Agent Design Competition.
    In the different schools pupils will design a national Secret Agent (either female or male) and upload that to the padlet of their country. 

    In the comment below they mention:

    1. The name of the creator
    2. The name of their secret agent
    3. The skills and superpowers of their secret agent
    4. How their secret agent wants to contribute to a sustainable world.


    Script ready 10th September
    Videos to be sent to Yvonne before 23th September
    Video to be shared + start competition Beginning of October
    Selection of 3 national secret agents to enter international competition 16th November
    Send to Phil whose IT colleague will put the three secret agents per country on a Wixx page or in a Google form so children can vote for one secret agent per country (first question: where do you come from?). Wixx page or Form should be shared with the partners that same week. 17th  November
    Voting for the 5 national agents who will become protagonists of project 23rd November
    Online meeting of the coordinators dressed up as secret agents 23rd November, 6 pm CET
    Announcement of outcome of the 5 national agents 24th November in the schools



    This is the genially to present the international secret agents
    Here is the link to the google form to vote. Every child can use their own device if you send the link: 


    Made with Padlet




    Made with Padlet

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