The Harmony of Nature - 2020 Crosscurricular project, transdisciplinar and STE(A)M.

Exchange of experience, scientific pursuit of phenomena in nature, the application of ICT knowledge and use of foreign languages in collaboration between schools, environmental education,children's rights, family rights, the rights and responsibilities of citizens of the European Union, scientific education, etc. There are three sections, on workshops at the International Contest, for the following levels of education: preschool, primary, gymnasium and lyceum plus a section for special education students. SECTION I - literary creation (in prose, in lyrics, riddles, scenes, papers, scientific-fantasy creations, sketches, papers, portfolios etc) SECTION II - plastic creation , scientifique experiments, drawings, paintings, collages, layouts, leaflets, posters, posters, origami, computer painting,etc. SECTION III - SPECIAL EDUCATION - for all levels (preschool, primary, gymnasium, lyceum) where students can send papers from the two sections, giving students equal opportunity.

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