Arranging cubes

  • Project: Triangles, parallelograms and 3D blocks 

    GERMANY proposes a cooperation project based on work from Croatia

    By using the triangle coordinate system you can create cubes and arrangement of blocks. It makes fun! Here is a worksheet for students to create 3d art and propose GeoGebra artwork by showing arrangements with pictures taken of real e.g. wooden cubes or toy cubes for young children. 


    We are going to publish a common presentation. Students of all countries take part in taking pictures of blocks (e.g. cubic toys), constructions with GeoGebra and then colouring these screenshots PAINT. They are also engaged in finding tasks fro others. So each slide of a PPT will contain work from different countries to the same task.

    Here is the presentation of our common work!

    Work from all Polish students
    Work from all Croatian students
    Work from all German students

  • Your comments

    Dear students from Coatia,

    wonderful work! K. , PGU Unna

    Hello students from Poland,

    we like your work!
    J., Pestalozzi Gymnasium

    German students

    your works are amazing.
    Eka from Georgia

    We like ...

    the work at page 9= cooperative work from CRO, GER, SRB and GER.
    Students grade 7a from PGU

    Dear Lorena!

    Your work is so great! How long did you work on it?
    Mattis (GER)

    Hello Emma from Poland,

    we like your work! We spoke about during a Video conference with our teacher Mrs. Schwarze (grade 6, PGU)

    regarding the project. Schools from Poland Nadia,Maks,Kuba

    these works are baeutiful.

    To students of Cro, Pol, Serb

    your work is so wonderful. Adrian, GER

    Thank you,

    that you have been part of our project.(Matteo, GER)