Celebrations in Europe

Why? eTwinning is an interesting way of making education meaningfull and a strong way of reaching the key targets of education. Who? Pupilsa ge 4-9 years. What: Presentations like drawings, PPT, movies, dances etc. about traditional, local and national celebrations in the partner schools. • Saint Martin • Saint Nicolas • Christmas • New Years Eve • Carnival • Easter • Kingsday • Liberation day • etc. We think about sharing ways of celebrating, traditions and culture through: • Description of the celebration. • Songs. • Receipts • Drawings. • Pictures • at the end a year calendar for every school When? This school year, until June 2016. How? -Pupils create a project logo. -Pupils create presentations about the mentioned celebrations and present these in the twinspace. -If possible groups of pupils (and teachers) meet each other in video conferences or Skype. -In case of presenting through drawings teachers write a few words in every drawing in mother tongue and English

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