Project plan



    Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a challenging process, specially when very young learners with very little linguistic competence are involved. Young learners get really stressed when learning how to read and write in English, so involving students in creating an exchange activity becomes an interesting approach for them to practise these skills: knowing other cultural realities, meeting other people from abroad is always a rewarding experience and makes us aware of the importance of English in the world. 

    The children need variety and regular changes of activity to keep them stimulated, so it is important to combine whole class teaching with individual work and also teamwork. When working as a team, the main thing is to encourage cooperation between the members so that both the team and the individual succeed.

    This holiday, Saint Valentine’s Day, has gone far beyond the celebration of romantic love and it’s now considered a great time to celebrate all forms of sharing and caring. 


    - Develop positive attitudes towards learning a new language;

    - Understand vocabulary and structures associated with St. Valentine’s;

    - Understand the concept of St. Valentine’s festival and the importance of kindness and caring in everyday life;

    - Recognize the role and influence of this festival heritage in society;

    - Identify the various types of cultural and artistic heritage in the selected/ received postcards;

    - Contact with various types of text and their characteristics;

    - Use digital technology to learn the target language.

    - Autonomously research and select relevant information;

    - Promote the integration of all the children: 

    - Develop positive relationships, better communication and social skills, and increase self-esteem and motivation;

    - Collaborate on new technology project with colleagues from another region/ country.