Following Enigma

Our project is devoted to the topic of coding. Participants will learn different methods of coding and then they'll try to code various messages (proverbs, sayings, pieces of information). It will be surely a great fun! Students will also learn the history of the most famous coding machine - Enigma. Thanks to the project the participants wil...

Common work: a list of useful websites.

Here we can publish links to some useful websites that can be helpful in our project work.


Here is a website with link to some websites that can be helpful while teaching our students elements of programming and coding:


Here is a website devoted to Eva's students' favourite cartoon, Gravity falls. It's amazing, because there are the most popular and useful ciphers presented:


Website​ presents 3 ways to organise a coding game for children. They were first presented by Amy, a mother-of-three, who is interested in psychology and early childhood education. Pig Pen seems amazing!

Here you can read about the most famous and useful codes and ciphers:
Some games based on popular characters and movies to practice block coding:
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