From Good to Perfect. We found a Societas Europaea

Students will found a national company, a corporation. We will give them certain topics/branches (IT/technology, tourism, food, culture and health industry etc.). The branches then define where they will travel to. At home they create this company and write a business plan and a marketing concept. They have to do this work at home, in groups of 6 students. Once they finished their creation they have to present their outcomes to their local teachers. In the next step always one “company” of each country will then travel to one of the partner companies. When the students meet there they have to split up to get into new companies (one person per country each) and found a new, international company according to European law. This new company should be a Societas Europaea – SE and have members of the different partner schools. While being together (for about a week) they should found the new company and be able to present it to a jury. For each trip there will be a “winner” company which convinced the jury most. In addition the hosts will organize some events that give our students insight into SE’s or working life of huge international companies.

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