February 2015: Love and Cinema

  • 1) Add an article (with a picture, audio file or video if possible) describing a work of art (any art form) representing love or the human body (man, woman, family, relationships, ...). The artist must be someone from your country.

    Tell us about the artist, describe the work of art, where it can be seen, how it was made, … Describe what the work of art represents and why you’ve chosen it. Give your opinion about it.

    Tags: your country name

    Category: Love


    2) Choose a movie, a film, a video advertising, ... directed by someone from your country and describe it on the website. Or choose an actor from your country and one of his / her movie.

    Tell us about the director / the actor, tell the story of the film and the message, describe the characters, ... Explain why you’ve chosen that film and give your opinion about it.

    Tags: your country name

    Category: Cinema