The image of the hero : limits and links between history and fiction. How can a man/woman from History become a fiction hero/heroine or a legend (Dracula, Robin Hood, Geronimo, Pocahontas...) and find if it is the same process in the three countries connected (working on the influence of History and Geography, traditions, religions, the media,...).


    Project Journal

    • Step 4 April/May : Romanian and French students have collaborated to write pages using data from both countries.
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 30.04.2016

    • Monday, November,23, we had an interesting lesson on Culture and Civilization. Romanian students read Halloween short stories written by their French and American partners. They analysed the symbols and the source of the writings. Romanian students also learned about Veteran's Day discussing the power points posted by the American students. As an assignment they will do internet research on more information about Veteran's Day.
      - Posted by Sanda Gabor, 24.11.2015

    • Last Monday, November,19, we had an interesting lesson sharing information and drawing comparisons between Samhain-Halloween-All Saints' Day. This weekend some of us will take part into All Saints'Day, remembering the deceased we have in our families. We are going to bring back pictures and impressions to share with our French and American partners.
      - Posted by Sanda Gabor, 28.10.2015

    • Mme Guillet's students : don't forget to write a quick note on your profile to describe your personality, likes and dislikes !
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 15.10.2015

    • Mme Guillet's 1√®re L LVA, can you please check on your personal e-mail that you have actually received your American e-pal's first letter. Thanks !
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 14.10.2015