Physics: Savior of the planet

In recent years climate change has had a great deal of media coverage. Yet despite this, the people of the earth and their governments seem to be taking very little action.To reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses the electricity generation industry needs to decrease its use of fossil fuels. One way of doing that is by switching to alternative energy sources, such as renewable energy. During this science project students will make a study on renewable energy technologies. Italian and Belgian students will form mixed-groups. They will pore upon the technologies of renewable energy, such as: solar energy, bioenergy, wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy. They will also compare the present use of these technologies in Italy and Belgium. Finally, they will create a scientific poster presenting the results of their study. And as a result, the students will not only broaden their knowledge about renewable energy, but will also improve their social competences and language skills.

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