Gifts of autumn

The main idea is to show children how healthy, tasty, funny can vegetables and fruit be. We will create art works, slideshows, sing songs, bake and cook. The main heros of the project are carrots and apples.


    Project Journal

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      - Posted by MARIANA RODICA BORZEI, 24.10.2016

    • A few days before our Christmas vacations we visited the pupils of the 1st and 2nd Grade. We informed them about the "Gifts of autumn" and the value of fruits and vegetables in our lives. We gave to the pupils a bookmark with the picture of a fruit or a vegetable and a slogan about healthy diet.


      - Posted by Evgenia Kafetzi, 04.01.2016

    • Do you know thatmost of Christmas food is prepared from GIFTS OF AUTUMN like cabbage, beetroot, carrot, mushrooms, honey, poppy seed. That`s why Christmas food is delicious and healthy too :) just click on our slideshow. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ~HO HO HO ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ho ho ho :)

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      - Posted by Karolina Bekalarek, 14.12.2015

    • Last Tuesday all students from our school in Czapury met and sang fuit songs. We presented what we learnt about gifts of autumn, why we should eat them. Students were dressed up like fruits and vegetables. We played, drew, watched films and slide shows. It was really cool school day!




      - Posted by Karolina Bekalarek, 14.12.2015

    • Hi there, do you know that pumpkin or carrot cake is easy to make and it is sweet, healthy and delicious? Taste it it is yummy! Look at the slide show!

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      - Posted by Karolina Bekalarek, 14.12.2015