We and Paddington


This project will consist of an exchange of experiences with use of a mascot in the English Classroom. This school year will be Paddington Bear. We will look at different ways of working with the mascot and using activities before, during and after class. We will update a classroom blog (Spain: http://tinybears.teachermarta.es/ ) and while working with another school, there will be an exchange of materials. For instance photos, drawings, videos, tales, a newspaper, etc. All of the materials will be gathered in a portfolio. The portfolio will be e collection of all the work composed during this project and can be used as a guideline for future references. We will intend on studying the favorable aspects from a pedagogical point of view by using the mascot in the English class to students of infant ages. Ideally, we will partner with an English nursery school from England or another country where they study English as a foreign language.

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