Our mutual E- Ark


This project is held by the co-foundership of Italy and Portugal. The urgency of the environmental problems is always present in our everyday life. School is an important place where to deal about these problems, making students more conscious about the risks coming from the abuse of the natural resources. In this project the whole Earth is conceived as an “E-Ark”, remembering the well-known biblic tale, where not only animals but plants can find refugee and protection. ”E “ stands , in fact, for Earth, Environment, and Ecology as the protection starts from the respect of the whole Planet, beginning from the place we live, boosted by positive attitudes towards any kind of living and not things. Through a series of different activities to be displayed in a Geo-padlet, students will focus their attention on some of both ordinary and endangered animals and plants of their own area as well as that one of partners, in a enjoyable and compelling way. The project is highly inclusive as i

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