In our globalized world our schools face daily challenges that are but a reflection of our complex and diverse society. We believe that education is a powerful tool to combat problems such as discrimination, racism, bullying, violence or gender differences, which unfortunately have become part of our everyday reality and pose a serious threat to our society and to our school communities. "Together in our diversity" is a project that has been conceived to foster collaboration and innovation among four partner schools in different parts of Europe: Spain (IES Padre Feijoo), Italy (Liceo Scientifico Da Procida), Latvia (Daugavpils 12. Vidusskola) and Romania (Colegiul National Pegagogic Carmen Sylva). It aims at providing an insight into the state of the matter in the four schools, in order to raise awareness among our educators and our students , and thus develop more dynamic and committed learning environments, by means of the implementation of good practices and new methods.

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